Matthew Round



Primary, Secondary, Sixth form, School of Life and then University as a mature student aged 21.



Work History:

Computer / Network Engineer

Current Job:

System Adminstrator.


Royal Brompton Hospital

Me and my work

I work in a cardiothoracic hospital supporting various Imaging modalities and specialist IT systems. I’m also fortunate that my work allows me to be an honorary member of Imperial College London.

My Typical Day

Avoiding the boss, drinking tea and making sure qualified staff can access accurate medical information to make informed clinical decisions.

What I'd do with the money

I’d like to invest the money in outreach programs that allow students to have access to medical / imaging work experience. My colleague Andy actually won “I’m a Scientist get me out of here” so maybe I can help continue the great work he and our outreach team has done so far.

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Numerically deficient.

Who is your favourite singer or band?

I’m a child of the 90’s so I love bands like The Prodigy and The Stone Roses. There are a lot of cool bands around at the moment and I’m partial to throwing a few shapes dancing to house / techno. I am getting on a bit though nowadays.

What's your favourite food?

I’d happily walk miles for Crispy Duck pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce.

What is the most fun thing you've done?

I was fortunate to have logged quite a lot of hours flying with the RAF in my youth. I did some aerobatics and it was utterly amazing.

What did you want to be after you left school?

I honestly wasn’t sure. I always thought it would be something technical though.

Were you ever in trouble at school?

I was the class comedian and quite cheeky at times so I was sort of in trouble for that but nothing ever too serious.

What was your favourite subject at school?

I always really loved Science and Geography has given me a passion for travel.

What's the best thing you've done as an engineer?

There have been lots of great things that have happened. Have met some really cool / famous people because of it.

If you weren't an engineer, what would you be?

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to be an actor or comedian. I’d like to think I would have been good at that.

Tell us a joke.

After my last answer I’m under pressure to deliver…. Why cant a group of atheists make money? Because they are a non-prophet organisation.

Other stuff

Work photos: