• Question: if you won the jackpot in the lottery would you give up your job?

    Asked by Erin to Dominic, Maedeh, Matthew, Matt, Monica on 14 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Matthew Round

      Matthew Round answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      I think I would give up my job in all honesty. I like what I do but the lure of travelling all over the world with my family and taking off some time to seriously relax would really appeal. I also have some business ideas that a lottery win would help me work on. These are quite technical so I don’t think I would end up leaving engineering.

      Obviously the above depends on the amount won. I don’t think I’ll be retiring on a £10 win.

    • Photo: Dominic Eggbeer

      Dominic Eggbeer answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      I’d probably go part time, but I think I’d use some of the money to set up a research and development centre and fund cool stuff. I don’t think I could leave this field behind. My wife says I spend too much time at home doing work stuff, so quitting full stop wouldn’t really work for me. I like it too much.

    • Photo: Monica Rozeik

      Monica Rozeik answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      Hi Erin, I think it’d be nice to not have to come into work every day or jet off to a sunny island whenever I feel like it. Having said that, I feel I’ll be bored pretty quick.

      What I love about my job, even if it’s hard or tiring sometimes, is that I’m never bored because there’s something new all the time. I could use the lottery money to work somewhere sunnier though!

    • Photo: Matthew Oldfield

      Matthew Oldfield answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      Probably for a little while. I’d ride my bike a lot, sleep, watch a lot of films, travel the world a bit and catch up with my friends. After about six months I think I’d be bored and would want to work (a bit) again.

      If I won the lottery I think I would still be involved in engineering but would try to use the money well. That may be a full time job in itself. Investing my winnings in good projects would take a lot of thinking about.