• Question: What will your knowledge provide for the future generation?

    Asked by AJ K to Dominic, Maedeh, Matthew, Matt, Monica on 8 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Matthew Oldfield

      Matthew Oldfield answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      I hope that my knowledge will provide better healthcare for future generations. This may be through better tools for surgery or a better understanding of how our body functions by using simulations and modelling techniques.

      I tend not to think about the big picture when I’m working. It would be nice if something I did had a lasting benefit for people though.

    • Photo: Dominic Eggbeer

      Dominic Eggbeer answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      Improved patient outcomes. A large chunk of my work is about generating the evidence that surgeons use to decide if a technology is worthwhile adopting. If it’s worth taking beyond case studies, I work with industry to ensure that new best-practice can be made available to more people rather than just specialists. Ultimately, people with diseases such as cancer, or who have had traumatic injuries will benefit.

    • Photo: Monica Rozeik

      Monica Rozeik answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      I completed my doctorate on heart valves, so my knowledge is fairly strong there. I use this knowledge teach new students, write for articles and books and develop new devices. The new students are the future generation. They will hopefully carry on improving medical devices for the heart.