• Question: Would you consider your job to be varied or do you do the same thing everyday?

    Asked by yoncé? to Dominic, Maedeh, Matthew, Matt, Monica on 8 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Matthew Oldfield

      Matthew Oldfield answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      I would say it is varied. That is one of the reasons I like it! I have left previous jobs because I was bored doing what felt like the same thing over and over.

      Today I have run simulations, had project meetings, discussed some motors, answered lots (and lots) of questions here, provided a reference letter for a student that I used to supervise, discussed how much temperature ceramics can stand before they break and worked on some computer models. They are all related to Engineering and often Medical Engineering but I think that there is plenty of variety there!

    • Photo: Monica Rozeik

      Monica Rozeik answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      It’s pretty varied, no day is the same. It could include meetings, teaching, supervising students, reading, and sometimes a lot of emails. I could have a day where I’m demonstrating my work somewhere else, working with new people or going for lunch with the whole office.

    • Photo: Dominic Eggbeer

      Dominic Eggbeer answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      Mine’s very varied and I am grateful for that! I get to write projects, work on them, design experiments, carry them out, design things, make them and see them in use. I also have to write it all up and publish it and run the business side of things to help sustain the research. I also set up courses and workshop to help others learn how to do things. I like it that way.